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SAP SD – Sales and Distribution
SAP Version ECC 6.0
Duration: 30-35hrs
Online Training - Course Content

SAP SD Consultants:
  Course Prerequisites, Required Knowledge
• Fundamental knowledge on IT
• Fundamental Knowledge on required Functional Area.

Duration of the Course: - 30 -35 hrs
Note:  Depends up on the Participant Training Session will be conducted on Week days and          Weekend.

Training Highlights:

·         Real Time Instructor
·         SAP LIVE Server Access
·         SAP Certified Trainer
·         SAP Study Materials
·         SAP Training with Live Examples
·         SAP Training Material Support PPT s & Pdf Docs
·         SAP Practical after every major topic
·         SAP Tests and SAP FAQ
·         24/7 e-mail support
·         Feedback through out the course
·         Resume Preparation
·         Mock Interview

Course Overview:

  Introduction to SAP
  Brief overview of SAP Architecture
  Introduction about various models in SAP
  Introduction of Sales & Distribution module
Enterprise Structure (With Configuration & Assignment)

v  Sales organization
v  Distribution Channel
v  Division
v  Sales Area
v  Sales Group
v  Sales Office
v  Shipping Point, Etc

Master Data

v  Customer Master Data.
v  Material Master Data.
v  Customer Material Info Record.
v  Condition Master Data

Sales Document Processing

v  Working with Sales Documents.
v  Sales Document Types.
v  Item Categories.
v  Schedule line Categories.
v  Determination of Item Categories & Schedule Lines.
v  Customer Complaints
ü  Credit Memo Request
ü  Debit Memo Request
ü  Invoice correction Request &
ü  Returns.

Pricing   (By using Condition Technique)
Free Goods determination
Material Determination
Material Listing & Exclusion
Finance Integration
v  Revenue Integration.
v  Credit Management.

SD Integration with MM & PP. (Only Theory)

v  Availability Check and

v  Transfer of Requirement.

Outline Agreements

v Scheduling Agreements.

v Contracts:

ü  Quality Contracts.

ü  Value Contracts.
ü  Service Contracts
ü  Master Contracts.

Special Sales Orders

v Cash Sales
v Rush Orders
v Free-of-Charge Delivery


v   Working with Shipping Documents
v   Processing Deliveries
v   Picking, and Packing goods
v   Goods Issue


Copying Controls

Special Sales Processes
v   Cross-selling.
v   Third Party Order Processing with MM Integration.
v   Consignment Sales
v   Inter-company Sales

Incompletion Procedure

Other Basic Functions
v  Output Determination
v  Text Determination

Rebate Processing

Make to order process (with SD & PP integration)

Item Proposal
Variant Configuration (with SD & PP Integration)

Route Determination

Shipping Point Determination

Overview of SAP ABAP:
v  Introduction to ABAP
v  ABAP Dictionary
v  Overview of ALV Reports
v  Concept on ALE
v  Data Migration Tool  {LSMW / BDC}
v  Enhancement Functionalities

Work Shop

v    System Landscape.
v    ASAP Methodology
v    Tickets (Real Time Issues)
v    Testing (Unit Testing & Integration Testing)
v    Transportation Of Requests
v    Functional Specs
v    Exposure to ABAP Functionality
v    FAQS (SD)

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